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Cantilever Sturdibilt Racks can be a huge advantage in the world of warehouse and factory industrial storage units. These can help improve the workflow at your company and will also improve the organization and professionalism that are essential in an industrial work environment. Industrial pallet racks are seen in the majority of factories and warehouses worldwide and Cantilever sturdibilt racks are one of the most safe and reliable among industrial strength shelving units. These Cantilever Sturdibilt pallet racks are designed with safety and efficiency in mind and the unique system that locks the shelving units to the upright supporting bars is strong and stable to support the weight of many pallets and other heavy industrial objects. Having a safe and reliable pallet storage system is important and since we sell used and new pallet storage solutions we can usually find Cantilever Sturdibilt racks that can fit your budget as well as your storage needs.


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Why Cantilever

When it comes to the world of industrial storage and pallet rack shelving units we have many years of experience at U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. Manufacturing, Inc, and we can help you find the appropriate option for your storage solutions. Having an unorganized warehouse or factory setting can be a safety hazard and if the reason you are holding off is because of the company budget then at least give us a call and we can discuss some cost effective ideas that will fit your budget and space saving needs, while still purchasing a high quality and safe Cantilever sturdibilt pallet rack system. The money that you spend to have proper storage is really an investment that will pay for itself since the workflow will be a much smoother process when things are much more organized and pallets and boxes can be easily located and reached with a forklift, this will help your employees be able to have the means to increase production and have much more warehouse space to efficiently get their job done in, all while maintaining high safety standards.

Components Available

14′ Towers Single Side w Base

14′ Towers Double Side w Base

Arms 36″ x 1,200#

Brace Sets 3′ x 5′

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