Drive-In T-Bolt

Drive-In T-Bolt Racking

Having the proper industrial storage and warehouse shelving is a must have in any factory or warehouse facility where you deal with large amounts of inventory. Some of the best quality designs and space saving industrial storage solutions are specialty pallet racks such as Drive-in T-Bolt racks and Sturdibilt racks. High quality and sturdy design are things that you want to look for when purchasing a pallet rack system that will accommodate the needs of your company. Some of the things you need to know also before you begin your pallet rack hunt is the dimensions of the space where you want to put the pallet rack in your facility, the dimensions of the pallets and other goods that you will store on the Drive-in T-Bolt or Sturdibilt racking system, and also you need to take into account the size of the forklift, and the forklifts reach.


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Why Drive-In T-Bolt

For a first time buyer of a specialty pallet rack system it can sometimes be overwhelming, and that is why you should consider us at U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. We can help you understand all of the different styles of specialty pallet racks, including the popular ones such as the Drive-in T-Bolt and Sturdibilt racks. We have been in the specialty pallet rack and industrial storage business for many years, and our valuable experience can be a big help in finding your solution. At U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC Mfg. we have many cost wise options that can fit into any budget and these pallet racks can also help to save you money in the long run by utilizing all of the space you have. When purchasing these pallet racks and installing them in your warehouse to save room you will make your money back in no time, with increased productivity due to a less cluttered and much more organized and efficient facility.

Components Available

Pallet Positions 23′ Tall 1,500

Various layouts available.

New Drive-In starting at $28.00 Pallet Position

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