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Pallet Flow Racking

The key to having a highly successful and smooth running machine shop, warehouse or factory is having a safe and organized work environment. For a very large business that handles many pallets of similar products a great organizational solution can be a pallet flow rack. Pallet flow racks are gravity driven and you are able to line multiple pallets up in rows, then when you pull out the front pallet the ones behind it will slide down on rollers to replace the pallet you removed. When pallet flow racks are loaded they are loaded from the backside and the pallets slide down to the front, and if there is constant order picking going on someone can replenish the pallets from the back as they are taken off and this creates a perfect work flow and can greatly increase productivity. A pallet flow rack is a wise decision when dealing with large amounts of pallets that are constantly in and out, and it is one of the best warehouse storage solutions you will find for a constant work flow.


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When it comes to industrial storage and pallet racks U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. has been in the business for years and we can assist you in finding the answers to your warehouse storage problems. We only deal in the highest quality of pallet racks and shelving and always have new stock coming in and out. We offer used storage equipment as well and can help you save a bit of money while also turning your shop into a much safer environment and making the jobs of many employees much easier, which in turn means that they produce more as the workload becomes easier. So give us a call and get some information and quotes on great systems such as the aforementioned pallet flow racks.

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Pallett positions include track, brakes, uprights, beams, and pallet guides.

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