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Pallet Flow Racking Systems

Pallet Flow Racks

The key to having a highly successful and smooth running machine shop, warehouse or factory is having a safe and organized work environment. For a very large business that handles many pallets of similar products a great organizational solution can be a pallet flow rack. Pallet flow racks are gravity driven and you are able to line multiple pallets up in rows, then when you pull out the front pallet the ones behind it will slide down on rollers to replace the pallet you removed. When pallet flow racks are loaded they are loaded from the backside and the pallets slide down to the front, and if there is constant order picking going on someone can replenish the pallets from the back as they are taken off and this creates a perfect work flow and can greatly increase productivity. A pallet flow rack is a wise decision when dealing with large amounts of pallets that are constantly in and out, and it is one of the best warehouse storage solutions you will find for a constant work flow.

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Benefits of Pallet Flow Rack

Pallet flow racking offers a multitude of benefits that make it an excellent choice for high-density and FIFO (First-In-First-Out) storage systems. This dynamic storage solution is designed to maximize space utilization while ensuring efficient inventory rotation. The inclined roller or wheel tracks enable pallets to move smoothly and automatically from the loading end to the picking end, eliminating the need for forklifts to access each pallet individually. This significantly reduces the time and effort required for material handling, leading to improved productivity and faster order fulfillment. Additionally, pallet flow racking helps optimize inventory management, ensuring that older stock is used before newer items, minimizing the risk of product obsolescence and reducing potential waste. For businesses seeking to improve storage density, streamline operations, and enhance inventory control, pallet flow racking stands as a reliable and efficient solution to meet their evolving storage needs.

Trust U.S. Storage For Your Racking Needs

When it comes to industrial storage and pallet racks U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. has been in the business for years and we can assist you in finding the answers to your warehouse storage problems. We only deal in the highest quality of pallet racks and shelving and always have new stock coming in and out. We offer used storage equipment as well and can help you save a bit of money while also turning your shop into a much safer environment and making the jobs of many employees much easier, which in turn means that they produce more as the workload becomes easier. So give us a call and get some information and quotes on great systems such as the aforementioned pallet flow racks.

Pallet Flow Components Available

Pallett positions include track, brakes, uprights, beams, and pallet guides.

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US Storage was a tremendous! We recently re-located from a smaller location to a location 3 times bigger and Mike and his team helped us every step of the way to make sure we had everything we needed, from plans to layout to build out. We will continue to use them on all our projects.

Michael M

Have purchased from US Storage multiple times. Great prices and product every time.

Meghan H

We have used US Storage for all of our storage needs over the years. Great product, great pricing, great customer service

Brian H,

Easy to work with. Have bought from US Storage many times with no issues.

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Pallet Flow FAQ’s

What are the benefits of pallet flow racks?2023-10-02T22:01:01+00:00

Pallet flow racks are known for their space optimization and the efficiency in which you can load and unload.

When should products be stored in a pallet flow rack?2023-10-02T22:00:25+00:00

There are many different applications for using pallet flow racks but they are especially useful for products which have an expiration date.

What is the difference between pallet flow and push back?2023-10-02T21:59:32+00:00

These two types of racking are similar but push back pallet rack is loaded last in first out and pallet flow rack is loaded first in first out.

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