Ridg-U-Rak Racking

Ridg-U-Rak Pallet Racks ensure high quality industrial storage units and solutions for storage pallet racks. The Ridg-U-Rak brand is one of the most recognized names in the warehouse storage industry and they have been setting new standards in industrial material handling and storage. We usually have many styles of pallet racks available at U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. Manufacturing, Inc, including the very popular Ridg-U-Rak Pallet Racks. We offer both new and used industrial storage equipment so we can usually offer very competitive prices and can work with you to suit your specific needs. Finding the perfect and most reliably safe storage units for your factories and warehouses is something that should never be taken lightly, and having proper pallet shelving will make a big difference in all aspects of your company. Things will be arranged in a much more organized manner, and you will save valuable square feet of the space you have available to you.


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Why Ridg-U-Rak Racking Systems

At U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. Manufacturing we want to make sure the customer is completely satisfied and we thoroughly inspect and ensure all of the products that are purchased through us are of the highest quality and will be a safe and effective solution for your sometimes unique needs. Since we are constantly buying and selling warehouse shelving units we can not always guarantee we will have in stock, but if we do not have what you are looking for we can explore other storage solutions with you, or we can try to get the racking units you need back in stock as soon as possible. The storage of your products and pallets is extremely important to having a successful business and can help maintain a safe and organized work environment, which also helps keep the employees happy and the company morale high since the employees will not have to over work themselves due to unorganized stock and unsafe work conditions.

Components Available

14′ Towers Single Side w Base

14′ Towers Double Side w Base

Arms 36″ x 1,200#

Brace Sets 3′ x 5′

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US Storage was a tremendous! We recently re-located from a smaller location to a location 3 times bigger and Mike and his team helped us every step of the way to make sure we had everything we needed, from plans to layout to build out. We will continue to use them on all our projects.

Michael M

Have purchased from US Storage multiple times. Great prices and product every time.

Meghan H

We have used US Storage for all of our storage needs over the years. Great product, great pricing, great customer service

Brian H,

Easy to work with. Have bought from US Storage many times with no issues.

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