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U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. Manufacturing, Inc has many solutions for all of your industrial storage needs such as wire pallet racks and Sturdi-Built racks for your pallet storage needs. Having proper storage units available helps make the work place a much safer environment and helps make organizing the warehouse a simpler task, and can also help immensely during inventory time. Sturdi-built racks offer an extremely high quality, reliable and safe solution on saving space and can fit into any budget since we can offer you the option of buying new or used pallet racks, shelving and Sturdi-built racks. Sturdi-Built pallet racks are known for their high quality and very safe pallet storage solutions, and these are very important factors when knowing the companies that have built and maintained high quality standards.


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Why Sturdi-Bilt

When you are on your search for Sturdi-built racks the first things you need to take into consideration is the approximate size of the racks that you will need for your warehouse or factory. You need to consider the size of the pallets and other goods that you will be storing on the Sturdi-built rack systems, you also need to think about the weight capacity that will be needed, and this is extremely important when it comes to the safety aspect of warehouse storage racks. Another thing you need to put some thought into is the size of the forklifts you are using in your industrial facility, because this needs to be considered when choosing the size of the uprights you will need for your Sturdi-Built pallet rack. We can work with you and your budget and our high quality products at US Storage Group, LLC. Manufacturing can help you take full advantage of your warehouse space. Having a well organized and safe facility is the key to having a successful and smooth running business.

Components Available

Beams 8′ x 5,000 NEW

Beams 12′ x 6,000 NEW

Beams 12′ x 6,000

Uprights 18″ x 36″ – 3″ x 1 5/8″

Uprights 18″ x 42″ – 3″ x 3″

Uprights 14′ x 42′

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