T-Bolt Racking

T-Bolt Pallet Racks

T-Bolt pallet racks are easily one of the strongest, rigid, high quality pallet rack systems on the market today when it comes to the material handling industry. The beams on T-bolt racking systems are extremely rigid and the shelving units have tabs that slide through the beams, after they are latched onto the beams of the T-bolt rack system bolts are tightened on the outside of the beams to help ensure security and stability. The strong steel beams support the shelves with ease and will never become disengaged over time, and a yearly check to make sure the bolts remain tight is a safety precaution every shop should take. Industrial storage solutions should be thought out carefully because this is an investment that will last years and will make the work flow much smoother, and the proper warehouse shelving units will decrease clutter and an unorganized facility.

T-Bolt Racking

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T-bolt racking offers a multitude of benefits that make it an excellent choice for efficient and organized storage solutions. One of the key advantages of T-bolt racking is its versatility. The T-bolt design allows for easy and quick adjustment of shelves, enabling you to customize the rack configuration based on the dimensions and quantities of your stored items. This flexibility ensures optimal space utilization and adaptability to changing storage needs. Additionally, T-bolt racking provides exceptional stability and load-bearing capacity, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications. The durable construction ensures that the rack system can withstand the weight of various items, from bulky equipment to heavy inventory. Furthermore, T-bolt racking promotes accessibility with its open design, allowing for easy visual identification and quick retrieval of items. Its robust and reliable structure ensures the safety and security of your stored goods. When it comes to efficient and adaptable storage, T-bolt racking is a smart choice that maximizes space, improves accessibility, and enhances overall productivity.


With three and a half decades of experience we are experts in the field of specialty pallet racks and here at U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. we can help save you time and money with used equipment and we can also work out all of the dimensions and systems you may need. We know all of the ins and outs when it comes to this area of industrial and warehouse storage and material handling. We are always buying and selling different styles of pallet racking and shelving units and because of this we have a constant rotation of stock and can help you find the right ones for your facility. The industrial storage and material handling aspects of many businesses are under appreciated and understood, but as soon as many managers and company owners see the constant state of disarray and clutter around the warehouse they will soon understand that the investment in quality pallet rack systems is an investment that should be top priority.

Racking Components Available

T-Bolt Upright 16′ x 36′

Beam 8′ x 4′

Beam 9′ x 4′

Beam 9′ x 5′

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