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Pallet racks and shelving units are a necessity in a factory or warehouse setting and they also help you take full advantage of every foot of space that you pay for, as well as helping to maintain great organizational procedures. A wire deck pallet rack is very easy to assemble and the wire mesh shelves are extremely strong for industrial strength storage, just be sure you never exceed the recommended weight limits. Most of the wire deck pallet racks have shelving that can support a few thousand pounds of weight so if you need storage of heavier pallets and parts than that you will need to get some stronger shelves, which can also be found through U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. Manufacturing. For most warehouse and factories though, the wire deck shelving is sufficient. There are many different options when it comes to rack sizing, so we can help find the proper size wire deck pallet rack for any space.


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U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. Manufacturing, Inc have over three and a half decades of experience when it comes to industrial warehouse storage solutions and we can accommodate most budgets since we offer both new and used shelving systems and wire deck pallet racks. At U.S. Storage 1 Steel Group LLC. Manufacturing we are also always looking for high quality storage units to buy, so if you have any wire deck storage units or any other pallet storage rack systems that you are looking to get rid of we can help you out there too. The high quality pallet racks and shelving units we sell are of the highest quality craftsmanship and are inspected to ensure that all units meet our extremely high standards. Safety is another one of the biggest concerns when it comes to industrial pallet racks and the high quality products are equipped with proper instructions to make sure they are put together so they are extremely sturdy and safe.

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